Jarmusch on Cities/Places/Filmmaking and a short poem about rekindled love

January 31, 2012

Was listening to Jim Jarmusch speak about his masterpiece ‘Down By Law.’  He had this to say about cities and places and filmmaking…

“… I never, in all the film I’ve made, really am not so interested in landmarks or the expected kind of icons of a particular place because to me the real city is, or landscape in any case, is defined not by those most dramatic things but by what you find in the details and you know, that carries, that’s deeper than just location or how I think about a place in a film, it’s sort of my approach in general to making films that are about characters rather than about plot and also stories that are about the,  in a way, about the scenes that a more dramatically structured film would leave out.” – Jim Jarmusch

and a short poem I wrote about rekindled love…

Born in the basement

Of heart and fire

Passion desire

Half remembered wishes

Rekindled bright and burns

Old love becomes my

new love becomes

Eternal Love

Other loves surround us

Past loves abound us

Raw, naked, beautiful

ugly love


Born of nature

Bred in the earth




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