A Wonder Boy Of Weeks

June 4, 2012

Truly one of the best days I’ve had ever was the 29th of May, 2012.

Cast and crew unite for the first time.
A torrential downpour followed by clouds clearing to give us a lavish, layered, crimson sunset.
Like a Storaro job.
A gift wrapped with a rain bow.
On the 15th Anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s tragic assent, nonetheless.
A marvel of a day, a wonder boy of weeks.

With the weekend came a psychedelic garage, a doable toll girl, and some serious Ranger Danger.
Fireworks Harry.
Central, PA I’m elated to show your true, wonderous beauty and share it with the world.
All eyes and ears on board.
Onward we ride.

And all right Hamilton’s, but Beware of the Hatchi’s.
Every man needs a cabin in the woods and an apartment in the city.

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Was listening to Jim Jarmusch speak about his masterpiece ‘Down By Law.’  He had this to say about cities and places and filmmaking…

“… I never, in all the film I’ve made, really am not so interested in landmarks or the expected kind of icons of a particular place because to me the real city is, or landscape in any case, is defined not by those most dramatic things but by what you find in the details and you know, that carries, that’s deeper than just location or how I think about a place in a film, it’s sort of my approach in general to making films that are about characters rather than about plot and also stories that are about the,  in a way, about the scenes that a more dramatically structured film would leave out.” – Jim Jarmusch

and a short poem I wrote about rekindled love…

Born in the basement

Of heart and fire

Passion desire

Half remembered wishes

Rekindled bright and burns

Old love becomes my

new love becomes

Eternal Love

Other loves surround us

Past loves abound us

Raw, naked, beautiful

ugly love


Born of nature

Bred in the earth



It’s been a hot minute, so I’ll make it short.

Expect everything under the moon, don’t classify, let you surprise you, see what happens.

The tides have turned, I’ve spent far too long consuming and withholding some great, wonderful, splendid, things that I know, that maybe you don’t know I know, or know I know, but are saying to yourself “why is he not going around sharing those things with the world?” Maybe that question never entered your mind until now.

So, maybe I’ll SHOUT, maybe I’ll stutter, maybe I’ll pull you aside and tell you something wonderful & TRUE about yourself, maybe I won’t say a word (not likely, but never say never), maybe I’ll affect you for the better, that’s my hope.

This is my sharing space, my digital closet,  my notsuperficialbook. I’d like to see yours sometime.

Now. It’s the best time to get LOUD.

(For those of you reading this at 4 am ( or anytime really), please play this song as LOUD as you possibly can)

Wake the neighbors, wake your boyfriends and girlfriends, make the dogs bark, SHOUT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!

Dazzletine – Skin Period





and we’re off…

September 15, 2010

Ok, so first with the name, THE MEDIUM COOL. Yes, it is first a reference to the 1969 Haskell Wexler film of the same name. Medium Cool was taken already, so alas we arrive at The Medium Cool. I kinda like it, it could be a local newspaper somewhere.

This site is by no means dedicated to the film or filmmakers. Instead, with my writings, thoughts, and ideas I hope to stay true to the unique spirit of the film. It’s a one two punch of Cinematic and US history, that you should all check out. I believe it currently streams on Netflix Instant Queue, so jet on over once you finish here.

I’ll make a quick exit now. The fun begins.